Malco® Automotive Steps on the Gas with Motorsports Partners for 2024

Building upon a legacy going back to the 1960’s that featured prominent drag race partners like “Ohio” George Montgomery, Malco® Automotive products has expanded efforts in 2024 to align with some of the country’s most notable motorsport entities. “Ohio” George, (known as the King of the Gassers) was a pioneer of the drag strip and an 8-time NHRA National Champion. His Malco Gasser and the ’33 (Malco) Willy’s were highly regarded throughout the sixties and his partnership with Malco contributed significantly to the brand’s widespread recognition, as it resonated with countless racing fans who also shared an enthusiasm for Malco’s automotive detailing products. 

For 2024, Malco Automotive will be partnering with Team Sahlen to ensure that their Porsche race cars look their best before every race with their full line of car care products. Team Sahlen competes in the rigors of Endurance Sports Car Racing. Every season, the team’s racers put over 100+ hours going around the track.  And with these many hours of racing, the team’s Porsches tend to get very dirty.  

Team Sahlen Sporting Director Will Nonnamaker shared his excitement – “We are so excited to be partnering with Malco Products.  All our Team Sahlen race cars, including our Porsche Boxsters, Porsche Caymans and Audi R8 GT3 Ultra take a beating. Finding a way to keep the race cars looking sharp and like new after our many hours of racing on track is not easy. Along with their full line of car care and detailing products, we hope to shine our way to the front of the Tire Rack – ChampCar Endurance Series races.” 

Beyond the on-track action in 2024 will be an exciting array of online content that Team Sahlen will work together with Malco to produce for Sahlen Fanatic nation.  This will include the engaging “Unusual and Unordinary Race Car” Video Series that Team Sahlen kicked off in 2023.  The series features Team Sahlen’s Will Nonnamaker interviewing racers who have race cars that are not the usual BMW and Miatas found at Endurance races. 

Malco Automotive’s next partnership features the brand as the Exclusive Car Care Partner for the Sports Car Club of America, SCCA®, for the upcoming season. With a legacy stretching back 80 years, the SCCA stands as the premier sanctioning body for both amateur and professional racers. It is structured into six conferences, nine divisions, and 115 regions, with the aim of organizing events that are widely accessible and cater to enthusiasts across the country.

The primary events managed by the SCCA are Autocross, Rallycross, Track Night in America, Time Trials, Club Racing and Professional Racing. Each of these feature driving enthusiasts who push their own vehicles to the extreme for the love of racing. Throughout the year, there are several events for each series, allowing these enthusiasts to compete in regional and national events, forming a unique group of car lovers who not only enjoy driving and wrenching on their cars, but they also like to show them off. Malco will attend a few events to promote the brand along with several advertisements and benefits for the SCCA members including discounts on new product orders. SCCA Partner Relationship Manager, Lee Grimes elated – “We are thrilled to bring Malco Automotive to our members as the exclusive car care partner. We know Malco products are at the top of their category, and our members appreciate quality when it comes to their cars.”  

In addition to the teams and organizations that provide motorsport content, Malco is also expanding its partnership with regional racetracks. Mid-Ohio racetrack is a rite of passage for all Ohio-based racing fans. From sports car racing to the driving school to the annual national races, Mid-Ohio brings together the best in the Ohio automotive industry, and Malco is proud to be part of the legacy for close to a decade as the Official Detailing Products of Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Malco provides the winner’s circle buckets for driving school participants and provides give-a-ways for the car corrals at different events throughout the racing season.  

New for 2024 is Malco’s partnership with the Pittsburgh International Race Complex as the Official Car Care Partner of the facility, vehicles and special events. Pitt Race is another top-notch road racing course hosting amateur and professional events along with private driving schools and corporate track rental. Pitt Race will utilize Malco products for their own fleet of training and support vehicles in addition to offering the Malco Automotive line in their newly constructed Pro Shop. Dave Hois, Director of Sales shared – “Adding Malco to the Pitt Race family was a no-brainer. For years our team has used their products, and they are excited to continue in a more meaningful way. We are anxious to get the Malco team out here to learn more and to provide our attendees with car care products we are confident using.”

Rounding out partnerships in the motorsport category is perhaps the most fun, especially if you don’t have your driver’s license yet. For the 10th  year in a row, Malco is excited to sponsor the Great American Soap Box Derby, headquartered in Akron, Ohio. The International Soap Box Derby® is a youth-oriented soap box car racing program which has been running in the United States since 1934. Proclaimed “the greatest amateur racing event in the world”, the program culminates each July at the All-American Soap Box Derby World Championship held at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio, with winners from their local communities travelling from across the US, Canada, Germany and Japan to compete. 2024 will mark the 86th running of the All-American since its inception in Dayton, Ohio. Cars competing in the program race downhill, propelled by gravity alone. Malco supports the Derby with discounts for the teams, along with product samples to clean their soap box cars prior to racing

If you are involved in motorsports, then you know a clean car goes faster than a dirty one, or so we at Malco like to think. In addition to car soaps, degreasers, waxes, polishes, ceramic coatings and dressings, Malco has a complete line of shop chemicals like hand cleaners and wipes, tire mounting lubricant, brake cleaners, odor removal and many general-purpose cleaners. Although our priority is detailing, automotive care is our passion.