Team Sahlen enters Endurance Racing Kart event at Pitt Race Complex

Team Sahlen, presented by, will be entering the 6 hour Endurance Karting event at Pittsburgh International Race Complex Kart Track this weekend.  This will not be the 1st time Team Sahlen has raced in the Endurance Karting series.  The team has competed twice before, succeeding in securing 2nd OVERALL in 2000 and Class Victory in 2004. 

Drivers for the weekend will be Wayne, Will & Ian Nonnamaker.   The event will be the competition debut for Ian.  Having just graduated from High School, Ian is excited to be getting behind the wheel, racing “door to door”. 

Ian shared his thoughts leading up to the weekend – “I am super excited to get to race this weekend.  Having grown up around racing since I was a little infant, this is a dream come true. I have driven on the Pitt Race Kart track many times in the rental karts.  This will be a whole different level, racing for 6 hours against a full field of competitors. The plan is to go out and have fun and lets see how we shake out in the last hour of the race.”

As Ian shared, Team Sahlen is no stranger to the Pitt Race Kart track.  Wayne, Will & Ian have all been around the track many times, including both in the rental karts provided by the track and in their own TAG Shifter Karts.

Will Nonnamaker shared his thoughts – “For me this will be a very memorable day.  Getting to drive with my brother Wayne and my son Ian, and then having the my whole family there cheering us one will be a dream come true. I have been preparing for this event all spring.  I have been out getting some practice laps in karts at the newly opened K1 Karting facility here in North Canton, Ohio.  It has been great to get refreshed with how to drive a Kart, with the different nuances versus a production car. I can’t wait for this 6 hour race.  The 2 times we have raced with Endurance Karting is was a blast. This should be a fun time.”

Calling strategy for the weekend will be Joe Nonnamaker.  Joe has been racing for 50 years and will use his many years of racing knowledge to give Team Sahlen the edge in strategy to maximize track position during the many pit stops that will occur in the 6 hours

Team Sahlen will be practicing at the track on Friday night, unofficially, in the Pittsburgh International Race Complex rental Karts.  Then official practice will begin on Saturday Morning, followed by Qualifying, with the official start time of the race being at 11:15 am.  The race will start “LeMans” style start, with the drivers lined up on the front straightaway across from their karts, making mad dash run across the track to get rolling down the track.

Here is a video of Team Sahlen’s Will Nonnamaker driving a shifter kart around the Pitt Race Kart track that host this weekend’s 6 hour event.

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