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Posted (08/02/2016) -

Team Sahlen entered their 1st ever World Racing League event at Gingerman Raceway over the last weekend in July.  For the Friday Test Day, the Team Sahlen drivers worked getting acclimated to their 1st time to the new track.  And as well the team utilized this valuable time at the track to work on further refinements to the set up of the Porsche Cayman suspension set up. 

Joe Nonnamaker offered his thoughts - “This 2 mile track offered some very unique perpectives on learning the racing line.  You had to comprise certain turns to be set up for the next turn.  I found the track to have several secrets that laps around the track helped in unlocking the full potential lap.”

Wayne Nonnamaker was assigned to set up work on the Porsche and has these thoughts to share – “We had a great day today of working on set up.  We had just recently been to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course working on our set up on the Porsches.  And today was just a continuation of that process of trying new suspension settings and different tire combinations.”

Race day dawned with rainy skies.  Having never been on the Gingerman Raceway in the wet, the Team Sahlen drivers were set to learn the rain line in the heat of competition.  Starting drivers Wayne & Will Nonnamaker steered the #243-Mustard & #242-Ketchup around the track without dropping a wheel.  The rain did not subside until the 2 hour mark in the race.  Wayne & Will finished out their stints at the 2 ½ mark and pitted for fuel and a change of tires and drivers.

Joe Sahlen & Joe Nonnamaker continued the charge through the field with steady progress during their 2 hour stint, rising up to 3rd and 4th overall. 

As Wayne & Will returned to action behind the wheel, the steady pace of the RX7s as well as the strong pit work by the Team Sahlen crew saw the Ketchup and Mustard entries rise up to 1st and 2nd overall.  This position on track remained intact throughout the rest of the 8 hour enduro. And as the 8 hour event ended, Team Sahlen crossed the line in 1st and 2nd Overall.  As well, the 2 entries were 1st and 2nd in the GP2 class.

Joe Sahlen shared his thoughts after the race – “I really enjoyed the race today.  To be able to enter our 1st World Racing League event and come out 1st and 2nd Overall with our ChumpCar spec Mazda RX7s is a very fine achievement.  I am proud of the crew today.  Their efforts in the pits on quick pit stops and swift fixes of problems we had is what secured this result.”

As Sunday dawned for the start of the 8 hour event, Team Sahlen was greeted with beautiful sunny skies. This was a pattern that continued throughout the day with a slight breeze and high 70s temperatures. The race on Sunday saw Team Sahlen continue to challenge for the overall victory.  Both #243-Mustard & #242-Ketchup ran reliably the whole day without 1 single mechanical hitch.  And the drivers ran consistent lap times lap after lap.  On this day, these efforts were good for 3rd & 4th Overall and 2nd & 3rd in the GP2 class. 

Will Nonnamaker summed up the race weekend – “We really enjoyed our 1st time racing with World Racing League.  We are planning to race with them again this year at Pittsburgh International Raceway.   I am really glad we ran trouble free this whole weekend.  This provided all 4 drivers with great seat time around Gingerman Raceway.  None of us had ever been here before, and we really got comfortable with the track.  This is good news since we will be coming right back here in 4 weeks for the Chump Car event at the end of August.”

Team Sahlen’s next event will be “The Cookie Cutter Classic” ChumpCar event at Gingerman Raceway.  The dual 7 hour events will be on August 27th and 28th.  A this event, Team Sahlen will be entering the #243-Mustard & #242-Ketchup with drivers Joe Sahlen & Will Nonnamaker and Joe & Wayne Nonnamaker parings.

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